Sunday, 29 November 2015

Autumnal Brown Smokey Eye Make Up Look

´ello lovely people,
This week I wanted to show you one of my favourite autumnal eye make up looks.
I love neutral colours as you may know if you follow this blog for a while now.
So when the leaves turn brown so does my eye make up.

If you want to know how I created this look stay tuned x

To make the eyeshadow last all day long, I used MAC´s paint pot in painterly as a base. 
I use my ring finger to blend the creamy consistency all over my eyelids.
The warmth of your finger helps to blend the base into your skin.

To make the shimmery brown eyeshadow which this eye look defines pop out more, 
I use a eyeshadow stick by Kiko Cosmetics in the color 38.
It´s a browny creamy eyeshadow which will last around 8 hours.

The eyeshadow I like to use for this eye make up look is by Sleek Make up and is from the Storm Palette.
It´s a lovely warm brown tone with a bit of shimmer.
This is the perfect autumnal colour, if you ask me.
Blend it all over the creamy eyeshadow you applied earlier.
Use a fluffy blending brush to blend out hard lines. 
If you want the look to look even less harsh, blend a brighter brown matte shade into your crease and blend it upwards.

The upper shade is the eyeshadow on top of your lid, the Sleek Make up eyeshadow.
The swatch underneath is the creamy eyeshadow stick by Kiko Cosmetic.

Line your upper lash line as well as your bottom lash line with a dark brown kojel liner.
I use the Teddy liner by essence.
Smutch the etches with a pencil brush or your ring finger to make the liner seem less harsh.

Create a fine cat- eye flick just to darken up the look.
If you want the wear the look for a night out, create a thicker line and make the flick more dramatic.
I like using the Maybelline New York Master Graphic.
This liner is very good for beginners when it comes to eyeliner, its very easy to use.

Last but not least, use a lot of mascara to give the look a final touch.
This one by also by Maybelline New York and it´s called Lash Sensational.

The finished look:

Have fun re-creating this look x

Love, Kim x

Thursday, 19 November 2015

My Make Up Storage

´ello lovely people,
in this weeks blogpost I want to show you how I store my make up bits.
I love reading this kind of blogpost and I hope you will enjoy mine x

Let´s get started x

I have all my bibs and bobs in this IKEA storage ALEX Dresser.
The little containers are from IKEA as well and come in so handy. 

When you open up the first drawer you will find all my face products for a good base.
In the section way back there are all my BB and CC Creams. 
I have ones by Superdrug Astor Maybelline and some others. 
I loved using the Maybelline new york one when I was tanned back in summer time - I miss my tan!
On the left upper side you find the foundations I use the most. 
I do have a drawer at the bottom with product I use not quite as much as this once.
You will find full coverage foundations and medium coverage foundations here, drugstore and high end products.
I like having everything in one spot to just go with my mood or how my skin is behaving lately.
My favourite drugstore foundations are from Rimmel London. 
When it comes to luxury foundations you can´t go wrong with MAC Costmetic or Estee Lauder.
Next to my foundations are my primers and setting sprays.
I always (!) use a primer.
The Body Shop Installer is my all time favourite and I have always a spare on in my make up drawer,
it makes me feel at ease to know its there.
On the bottom left section I have all my favourite concealers. 
I am a big fan of the collection councillor literally everyone heard about before.
I have three spare once next to the drawer as well as a concelear palette.
The right bottom section is full of my powders. 
I have three Rimmel London Stay Matte powders all in different shades.
I love my MAC Mineral powder to set my make up and the Studio Fix one if I only wear concealer on my face.

This drawer is my favourite on. 
In the top left drawer are all my bronzers. 
I love a good contour and a bronzed look and its the most fun part in my everyday make up routine.
I love the Benefit Hoola Bronzer for contour or the Sleek one.
I use the Soap and Glory bronzer every single day. 
Its a bit shimmery which I love.
Next to it its my eyebrow drawer. 
It does not quite fit in the whole face section, but I always do my eyebrows before my eyes.
I have a few eyebrow pencils and a few gels.
I do love a good eyebrow powder, but they are in the palette section which I will show you below.
On the bottom left drawer are all my highlights. 
I have powder once, cream once and liquid once.
Next to the highlighters are my blushes.
I have a few from P2 Cosmetics, Topshop and Kiko Cosmetics.
I have all kind of blushes, all colours and all consistencies.
I am a big cream blush fan in summer time.

My eye drawer has everything a girl can dream of.
In the section in the background that didn't quite fit into the picture (sorry) I have a few single eyeshadows and pigments.
Close to them are my eye pencils.
eyeliners in every colour you can possibly think of, eve brighter and inner corner highlighters as well as eyebrow lifter.
My mascaras and my lash curler are next to them. 
I love the Maybelline New York Lash Sensational lately!
On the bottom left are my cream eyeshadows and bases. 
I love using the MAC Cosmetics painterly as a eyeshadow base, it makes every pigment or shadow pop out lovely.
Next to them are a few smaller eyeshadow.
Next to the container are a few of my fake eyelashes which I only use on special occasions.

I love my lip drawer.
I get all excited when it comes to choosing my lip colour.
When the face and the eyes are done this fun part comes next,
I have a few beauyt blenders and sponges in the back and a few essentials next to the container.
The first section on the left hold all of my lip glosses, which I don´t use on a daily bases.
(All of them I will show you in a minute.)
Next to them is  my favourite section, my lipliners.
I am obsessed with lipliners. 
I can´t go a day without them - apart from a make up free day.
I love the MAC Costentics and the once by Catrice.
The bottom left section holds all my lip butters and bigger lip pencils.
I love the once by Revlon and Astor.
In the last section are my lip balms and nourish products for healthy and smooth looking lips.
I have a few Eos Lip Balm Eggs and from Victorias Secret. 
They add a lovely pinkish tone to your lips.

The last drawer holds all of my bigger pallets.
I have two niner eyeshadow palettes by Kiko Cosmetics as well as two palettes by Sleek. 
One of them is an eyeshadow palette the other one a contour and highlighter palette.
I have some random eyeshadow palettes in this drawer, but I tend to always go for the Kiko or Sleek one.

This little section is on my make up dresser itself.
It holds my favourite lipsticks and lip glosses which I tend to go for on a daily basic.
I have a few lipsticks by P2 Cosmetics, Essence, Rimmel London, Mac and a few others.
I love the lip glosses by the lovely Tanya Burr and the once by Victorias Secret.

I hope you liked this weeks beauty blogpost.

Until next week, Love Kim xx

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Estée Lauder Double Wear Review

´ello lovely people,
this week I want to give you and understanding of the Estée Lauder Double Wear Foundation.
I am testing the foundation for a while now and want to give you my opinion on it.
If you want to know more about this foundation keep on reading x

The Estée Lauder Double Wear Foundation is a full coverage foundation.
It is for sure a luxury product. 
I decided to give this foundation a try when I moved to Berlin.
Every time I move to another city my skin breaks out.
I always struggled with acne as you may know if you follow this blog for a while.
I tried at least half of the assortment you can find in drugstores and I also tried a few pricier ones.
I love using the MAC Studio Fix Foundation for a while but the foundation feels like wearing a mask.
I liked the secure feeling of the foundation.
I thought when it feels like a mask it has the effect of a mask 
and no one will be able to tell how bad my skin really is.
I got older and wiser and I know that this thought was absolutely stupid.
Yes, I want a full coverage foundation but I want to feel like me.
I want to hug a person without worrying my whole make up will transfer to their shirt.
And I want to feel good about myself and my skin.
So I splashed my money on this foundation and I have to say
I regret nothing

This foundation is a miracle! 
It has the most beautiful finish and leaves the most amazing feeling on your skin.
Your pores seem smaller, your skin looks smooth and harmonious.
The lovely lady at the Estée Lauder counter put the foundation on for me to get a feeling for the foundation and to match the right colour. 
I was shocked when I first looked into the mirror.
My skin looked at last 10 times better than before.

I can recommend this foundation to everyone with bad skin but also to the ones who like taking pictures or work with flashlights.
I know that a lot of celebrities and people who live in the spotlight like to wear this foundation.

I wanted to give you a detailed review on this foundation because it is expensive and when you consider getting a luxury product I think its good to get all the informations you can get on the product.

I hope you liked this weeks blogpost xx

Love, Kim x