Thursday, 29 October 2015

October Favourites

In two months it´s already christmas time!
Finally I am allowed to get excited for christmas, I feel like it´s a secret rule to become excited for christmas after halloween.
I love everything christmassy and can not wait for the christmas lights to come out in the cities,
to see all the little shops get their christmas decoration out and to have a good stroll over the christmas markets.

But first we want to focus on the last month- october and everything I loved about it.

Apart from cozy nights in and cuddle weather these are the things I loved during this month.

This month I got my hands on the vogue and I loved to thumb through the magazine.
It´s perfect to get fashion inspiration.
I love seeing other people styling different clothing pieces and different styles.

Of course this stunning highlighter will be mentioned here.
I would mention it everywhere but that would be quite boring for you.
I can´t express how much I love this highlighter.
It adds the most beautiful glow to your face.

If I could marry a make up product it would be this one.
The the balm mary- lou manager.

When it comes to the colder days in the months, my skin gets dry in a few areas and I like using a foundation which is light on my face and adds moisture to my face.
The Rimmel London Perfect Match foundation was my holy grail product this month.

!! Remember it is not a full coverage foundation, so if you want to have a full coverage fi is on your face you need to go for any other foundation just as Rimmel London 25Hour Foundation or Estee Lauders Double Wear.

When it gets to the autumn time I don´t like using my flowery fragrances anymore. 
I want something spicy and warm but still feminine.
The Burberry summer fragrance is everything I want during autumn time even through it´s called summer.
It is quite a heavy sent and it´s not a sent easy to describe I would suggest give it a good old sniff when you are in your local drugstore x

You all know I love a good old nude lip no matter what time of the year or what weather it is outside. 
For me a nude lip is a classic and dapper looking.
I especially liked this lip combo this month.
I love my MAC Cosmetics combos which I showed you a thousand times but my lips get really really dry during the cold seasons and I need a liproduct that will feel good all day long.
This Matte Lipcolourbutter is perfect for this kind of weather.
The product is a lip butter and not only adds the most beautiful nude shade to your lips but makes your lip smooth and soft as a lip balm.
This one is by astor and is in the color elegance nude.

I also like to switch up my primers during different seasons.
I loved using the Rimmel London primer during summer time but when it gets cold I always go back to my holy grail primer by The Body Shop. Its the Instablur face primer and I can recommend this one to anyone especially for oily skin types .

The weather gets colder, the leafs lay around on theeways, it gets darker day by day.
We need to add colour to our life in this season.
The new MAC lipstick in All Fired Up is a lovely fuchsia pinkish red and looks amazing on every skin tone.
I wore it out and to dinner and I promise you it stays on all night long.
I like using a lipliner with it.
This one is by P2 Cosmetics.

I hope you liked this weeks blogpost x
Let me know which beauty product was your holy grail this month.

Until next week x

Love, Kim x

Thursday, 22 October 2015

Autumn Beauty Must Haves

´ello lovely people,
It´s october and autumn is finally here.
I love everything autumnal.

This week I want to share with you a few beauty products I can´t live without during autumn.

Let´s get started beauty lovers x

I love purple shades in autumn.
This two eyeshadow you may remember from my purple smokey eye look.
I love wearing this eye make up look during autumn!

Greens are perfect for my eye colour. 
I have brown-green eyes and adding a green shade to my eyelids makes the green pop out more.
I love neutral colours during autumn. 
A creamy scarf and a lovely greenish- olive smokey eye make my heart beat faster in excitement.
This shade is by Kiko cosmetics. 

I found this palette at the bottom of my make up drawer.
I remember getting this goody ages ago.
I love the greyish and silvery colours in this palette. 
They are perfect for an evening make up look!

It´s all about the rose gold
Last week I uploaded my favourite eye make up look.
I love the rose gold and deep purple shade from sleek.
It´s the perfect crease shade
!! The shades work lovely together - give it a try

I love this blush during this time of the year. It´s the P2 Cosmetic blush in 010 sunny reflection.
I love that you can mix up the purply shade and the brighter pinkish shade.
It gives you the most natural flush on your cheeks.

Of course I have to mention a deep purple lip look!
I am a sucker for a berry lip in autumn.
It looks classy but brave and looks amazing to creamy jumpers.
My favourite products to create it with are the Rimmel London Kate Moss Collection lipstick in 30 and the Maybelline New York intense velvet lip pencil in the colour 310 Berry Much.
Always line your lips with a lipliner when using a deep lip colour!
I love using she 050 glamour diva by P2 Cosmetics or the 140 Sweet Aubergine by Catrice Cosmetics. This lip pencil is waterproof and lasts all day long.

My favourite nail polish is by the lovely Tanya Burr Cosmetics in Little Red Riding Hood.
A classic deep red look amazing on your nails.
Its looks good on everyone with every nail shape and with any skin tone.

I hope you liked this weeks blogpost.
Let me know if you would like me to post a Autumn Fashion/Random Must Haves.

Love, Kim x

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Rose Gold Eye Make Up

´ello lovely people,
as promised here is a new beauty blogpost.
I am obsessed with rose gold eyeshadow at the minute.
Rose gold pigments are perfect for an autumnal make up look.
I hope you like it x

This is the finished result, 
I will show you every product I used and to create this look and some more pictures of the finished eye make up look at the end of this blogpost.
Have fun x

 First things first, I added a shimmery creamy base before applying a glittery eyeshadow.
It helps to make the glitter of your eyeshadow stick to the creamy base and stay there all day long.
It also makes the glitter pop to its maximum on your eyelids.
This eyeshadow base is by P2 cosmetics and is in the colour 020 just as you are 

I used this primark eyeshadow palette. 
And yes (!) primark´s PS comsmetic lines is actually quite good.
I have this beauty for over a year now. 
I got the palette in London an used it for a few months,ever since I forgot about it.
Now that I have a lovely new make up storage in my new flat I got some old goodies out, 
just as this one.
It was only £2,5 but the pigmentation is quite good.
It is comparable to a few make up brands at the drugstore.
I used the first colour in this pallet all over the lid, its the glittery rose gold shade. 
I blended everything with the second shade and added the first shade of the bottom line in my crease to define the look.
I also added the white shade in the inner corner of my eye.

I used a  brown gel liner on my bottom lash line.
You can use any brown liner you have,
this one is by ps cosmetics.

To make your eye seem bigger and extra bright, 
add any white or nude liner to your waterline
This one is by maybilline

Create a lovely eye shape with an eyeliner.
You can add a brown liner if you want a more everyday kind of look or a thicker line for an evening look.
This eyeliner is by Kiko milano and is in the color deep black.

To finish up this look add as much mascara as you want, give your lashes a beautiful curl and yourself a stunning blink of an eye.
This mascara is the false lashes by maybelline

And here is the finished look

I hope you liked this weeks blogpost!
I would love to see your pictures, re-creating this look or of your fav. autumnal make up look.
tweet me @ londonstagraam

Love, Kim x

Thursday, 8 October 2015

My New Hometown: Berlin

'ello lovely people,
I finally got myself wifi -woohoo.
I have a new blogpost for you, in which I will tell you everything about my move to Berlin.
Let´s get started.

(please read the PS at the end of this post)

I moved to Berlin on my birthday weekend in september. 
I started my study just a few days ago at a very good university here in Berlin.
I live in the south west of Berlin very close to my university.
I share a flat with my guy- gay- best friend who moved all the way from Hamburg to Berlin with me.
We share a ca. 80 square meters flat and it´s amazing so far.
The flat is in a very old building which just got reconstructed. 
We have very high ceilings which I love.

I have been to Berlin a couple of times before, 
the city has a very specific vibe to it,
which I wanted you to give a tiny insight with some pictures I toke.

Berlin, has some stunning buildings and all in all it´s a city to just stroll around.
Berlin is quite different Hamburg and different to London, 
I have to get used to a whole new lifestyle , 
I am very excited!

Berlin has a lot of little markets and shops you never heard of, just as cute little cafes or clothing shops with unique names.

I can´t wait to spend the next months/years here and explore this amazing city, to know the insider tips and to make this city a home.

I hope you liked this weeks blogpost.
next week there will be a new beauty blogpost up, 
I promise we will be back to the blogs old self.

Love, Kim x

PS: The update date is changing! 

New blogposts:  on Thursdays!

And thank you for being so amazing, even when I was gone- we hit the 8K mark! 
I love you !