Thursday, 15 October 2015

Rose Gold Eye Make Up

´ello lovely people,
as promised here is a new beauty blogpost.
I am obsessed with rose gold eyeshadow at the minute.
Rose gold pigments are perfect for an autumnal make up look.
I hope you like it x

This is the finished result, 
I will show you every product I used and to create this look and some more pictures of the finished eye make up look at the end of this blogpost.
Have fun x

 First things first, I added a shimmery creamy base before applying a glittery eyeshadow.
It helps to make the glitter of your eyeshadow stick to the creamy base and stay there all day long.
It also makes the glitter pop to its maximum on your eyelids.
This eyeshadow base is by P2 cosmetics and is in the colour 020 just as you are 

I used this primark eyeshadow palette. 
And yes (!) primark´s PS comsmetic lines is actually quite good.
I have this beauty for over a year now. 
I got the palette in London an used it for a few months,ever since I forgot about it.
Now that I have a lovely new make up storage in my new flat I got some old goodies out, 
just as this one.
It was only £2,5 but the pigmentation is quite good.
It is comparable to a few make up brands at the drugstore.
I used the first colour in this pallet all over the lid, its the glittery rose gold shade. 
I blended everything with the second shade and added the first shade of the bottom line in my crease to define the look.
I also added the white shade in the inner corner of my eye.

I used a  brown gel liner on my bottom lash line.
You can use any brown liner you have,
this one is by ps cosmetics.

To make your eye seem bigger and extra bright, 
add any white or nude liner to your waterline
This one is by maybilline

Create a lovely eye shape with an eyeliner.
You can add a brown liner if you want a more everyday kind of look or a thicker line for an evening look.
This eyeliner is by Kiko milano and is in the color deep black.

To finish up this look add as much mascara as you want, give your lashes a beautiful curl and yourself a stunning blink of an eye.
This mascara is the false lashes by maybelline

And here is the finished look

I hope you liked this weeks blogpost!
I would love to see your pictures, re-creating this look or of your fav. autumnal make up look.
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Love, Kim x


  1. You look amazing, love :) And I love the Primark palette, I should check their line when I'm in London xx

    1. Thank you lovely!!! you should, have a little sneak around you can find some goodies there x

  2. Great look, so feminine and subtle :) That eyeshadow base looks sooo gorgeous! Thank you for sharing. x Following on bloglovin'!


    1. You are most welcome lovely xx So glad you liked it x
      - I will follow you back then x