Tuesday, 30 June 2015

June Favorites

It´s the end of June! I can´t believe it´s already july tomorrow. It´s crazy.
It is time for my june favorites! 
Let´s get started.
- beauty
-random favorites 

Let us start with my favorite beauty stuff.

Of course I´ll feature my holy grail foundation. I got this foundation at the beginning of this month and I am in love. I only use this foundation when I have a bad skin day. Unfortunately this month I had more of these days than I´d liked to, so this foundation got her show this month.
If you want a full review about this foundation read this blogpost.

I am all for the gold shimmery eye look this month and all around summer. I love how this eye shadow by loreal reflects the sun so absolutely beautifully. It has such an amazing pigmentation and I wore this eye make up look ( http://londonstagraam.blogspot.de/2015/06/golden-eye-make-up.html ) 
nearly every single day.

This month it was all about a pouty pink glossy lip for me. I love a good lipstick but a shimmery sexy looking gloss is always a good look to go for. I loved using the pout lip stain in the color forever yours by victoria´s secret. If someone can make a sexy lip stain that it is the definition of sexy it selfs victorias´ secret. Such a sexy pinky color!

It´s all about a bronzed look as soon as the sun comes out. I love a natural tan so to underline my tanned look I love using a bronzer to give my face a more defined and bronzed look. The solar powder by soap & glory is the perfect shade to do so. I love that it isn´t completely matt and gives you a glowy and healthy looking look.

That´s it with the beauty stuff x

I recently got a kindle. I am an absolute bookworm and read 2-3 books a week. This isn´t the most inexpensive hobby so I invested into a kindle. I never wanted one because I love the smell of a good book and to have a physically copy in my hand, but it is hands down really expensive if you read such an amount of book like I do.
It took me a while to get used to the electronic kind of book but it grew on me and is defiantly a favorite this month.

As you may remember I got such cute sunglasses a month ago from urban outfitters. I do wear glasses so I needed to get hands on a pair of sunglasses without having to always wear contact lenses underneath, especially because I´ll go on holiday nest month - wooohoo!

I wore my black birkenstocks to death this month. As you may remember from my birkenstocks review 
I got a black pair and a white pair. I thought I would wear the white ones more in this time of the year but this month the back ones wear glued to my feet. They are so comfortable and easy to style.
Huge favorite!

Of course I had to mention one of my favorite movies. Fifty shades of grey!
I was (still am) obsessed with the books and I watched the movie 3 times when it came out into cinemas.
I know its not everyone´s cup of tea but I love the story. Its a love story, don´t fight me on that.
I love a good love story.
The books are obviously better, I think it´s with every book which is made into a film but I like the movie. I have to admit I have a slight crush on Jamie Dornan who plays Christian Grey.
I think it´s a movie to watch every now and then and still find it´s magic.
I love it!

I hope you liked my june favorites. 
I´ll link you to my may favorites in case you missed it.

comment down below what you loved this month and what you liked most about mine.
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Love, Kim x

Friday, 26 June 2015

A Day In My Life⎹ Zoo Edition

Hello lovlies x
I spend a gorgeous sunny day in a zoo with one of my best friends a few weeks ago.
I am going to the zoo once a year no matter what age I am.
I love this zoo especially because it´s so big, the animals have lots of space and the whole park looks amazing and you can really see its well looked after.
I want to share a few pictures of the cute animals, the lovely gardens and all in all wonderful day, with you.
I hope you enjoy it x

We were lucky to see some of the animals get their food and getting a few more information about them. All the people working their were super lovely and gave us the feeling of loving their job. They answered questions about the animals and about their job. This is the only zoo I have ever been to where I have the feeling of everyone liking what they are doing and be very good to the animals at all times.

What I love most about this zoo is that the whole compound is just breathtaking. 
Everything is just very taking cared of and very clean. 
The whole compound is very large and well organized. 
It´s not only the animals who makes this place so special but also the whole atmosphere.

Time for a little lunch break. We sat down for a while had a little snack and just enjoyed the atmoshoehre, the noises in the background and watched little families and kindergarten groups go by.
We had such good luck with the weather, it was just a beautiful sunny day.

At the end we toke a sneaky way back to the elephants and had the chance to see one of the cute elephants shows. Their were all listening to their own name and gave "little" kisses. They even showed us how they could sit on their own and how they could catch a brick.

I hope you liked this weeks blogpost and the pictures I toke x

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Tuesday, 23 June 2015

matt lip glosses

At the moment its all about matt lipsticks, but there are matt lip glosses at the market as well and I can tell you they are amazing.
They changed my make up routine from the day I got my first one.
In this blogpost I will show you my three fav. matt lip glosses

I wanted to show you a red lip option and of course the famous nude lip option in which I recommend you a more pricy one and a bargain option.

I hope you enjoy it! x

This two lip glosses are by essence cosmetic and as I said before I wasn´t a big fan of their brand a few years back but they improved so so much, especially in the lip- department.
This two matt lip glosses are a bargain and you can find them in your local drugstore.

The red one on the left is a must have for me when I go for a red lip. It is as important as a red lipliner for me nowadays.
I always have the problem of a matt lipstick drying out very quickly on my lips. If you go for a bold lipstick you don´t want to worry about the lipstick getting in your tiny lip wrinkles or looking dry on your lips. After I lined my lips and applied my lipstick I apply the matt lipgloss and my lip- look stays and looks good for hours. 

The nude lipgloss you might recognize from my perfect everyday nude lip blogpost which got online in may

I am a huge huge fan of this lipgloss because it doesn´t cover up my fav. lipstick color velvet teddy by mac. It makes your lips feel good even after spending hours out and it just stays on, which is so important. 

This lipgloss by astor is a little more pricy but so so amazing. It´s a matte style lip lacquer. What I like most about this lipgloss is that it adds the most beautiful nude lip color to your lips. The others lip glosses above add a bit of color as well but I like them most because they add mostly a hint moisture to your matt lips and the original color underneath is see-through.
This one adds moisture and adds a beautiful color. The color matches a lot of my fav. matt nude lipsticks and is my go to matt lipgloss.

A matt lipgloss is an important product for your make up back if you ask me and maybe I got you hooked on them a little bit.

I hope you liked this weeks blogpost x

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Love, Kim x

Friday, 19 June 2015

Holy grail drugstore foundations

The foundation is the basis of a good make up. To find the perfect foundation for your skin type and skin tone can be a pain in the ...
I already wrote a blogpost about how to find the perfect foundation (Rimmel London edition)

But I wanted to share with you my holy grail foundations! The best part of this blogpost is that you can find them in your local drugstore.
I can highly recommend these two foundations and I always get back to them because they are amazing!

Let´s start :)

My two holy grail foundation are the dream wonder nude by maybelline new york and the indefectible 24h - matt foundation by Loreal paris.
I have two foundation I can always count on because they couldn´t be any more different from each other.

The dream wonder nude by maybelline is the most lightweight foundation I have ever tried. This foundation feels so light and soft on the skin that you can barely feel its on your skin. I recommend this foundation to nearly every single one of my friends. 
I love the light feeling of it on my skin. It really feels like you don´t even wear make up which is amazing if you ask me.
I tend to use this foundation almost everyday. It evens out your skin tone and leaves a lovely finish on your skin. You don't even have to put powder on top of it because it has a very natural finish.

I would say it has medium coverage and is a perfect everyday foundation.

The indefectible 24h- matt foundation by Loreal paris is the complete opposite from the one above.
This fondation has an amazingly high coverage and I tend to go for this one when I have a really really bad skin day. I suffered from really bad acne when I was a teenager and I still have these days when I feel like 15 again and want to cover up my skin completely. Thats when I get this foundation out of my beauty bag again.

Of course it does feel very different from the maybelline one. It isn´t as light on the skin but I think there isn´t a foundation out there with such a high coverage which feels like a light-weighted medium coverage foundation. 
This foundation does not feel greasy or too heavy on the skin. You do have the feeling of make up on your skin but when you feel insecure the feeling of having make up all over your skin can help a lot to feel better about yourself.

This foundations are hands down the best ones when it comes to drugstore foundations. I can recommend them by heart!

I hope you liked this blogpost. Tell me what you think
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Love, Kim x

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

A Day In My Life⎹ Hamburg Edition

Hamburg is such a lovely city. One of my favorite places is downtown at the alster. I spend a whole day downtown and watched a trick fountain show.
The weather was amazing around 27 degrees, perfect to spend the day outside exploring.
I just love that the weather gets better day by day. I love summer.
I feel like you wake up happy when the sun is shining and you feel motivated for the day.
I love exploring when the sun is shining and to just walk around the city.
Maybe getting a cheeky ice cream or a chai tea latte from starbucks.
I love spending time outside, especially when it is as beautiful as it was this day.

I hope you liked getting along with me for the day. - Next beauty/fashion related blogpost will be up on friday x

Have a lovely week x

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