Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Kiko cosmetics palette

Kiko cosmetics has a special offer right now in which you get a empty magnetic palette which can hold 9 eyeshadows, if you buy three of their infinity eyeshadows.

This is the one I composed:

You can choose from a big range of eyeshadow colors. There are shimmery once, matt once and even glittery once in every color you can possibly think of.

I decided I wanted to have a bit of everything, so I have gone from natural matt shades to really glittery colorful once.
I picked a highlight color, which is lightly baby pink and matt. one glittery one (pinky toned) and one shimmery one in a brown color. I picked up a matt brown color and a black one (perfect for a smoky eye). I have gone for 3 purple shades, because I have hazel eyes and warm colors suit them quite well.
I also picked up a greenish color, which I think could look amazing in an evening make up.

The eyeshadows have a really good pigmentation and I adore the formulation. 
Which brings me the best part of this palette. 
The eyeshadows have such a nice formulation that I think they can keep up with MAC eyeshadows. But they only cost around £2! each, which is compared to MAC eyeshadows absolutely amazing!

I recommend to get your hands on of the palettes as soon as possible, because I am not sure how long they will have this special offer in their stores. These eyeshadows are definitely worth a try!

Let me know what you think!
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Love Kim x

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

My trip to Venice

I spend 5 days in beautiful Venice. It was my very first time there and I didn´t quite know what to expect. Of course I did my research on the internet, about what to expect when it comes to prices or what the most common places are to visit.
I have to say I fell in love with Venice right away. The weather has been amazing all 5 days. It was sunny and we had between 9 and 16°C. Our hotel Villa Rosa was very close to the canal de grande and only 30-45 minutes to the famous S. Marco.
The Hotel only had two stars, but it was very close to the center of the city and we had an amazing room. The breakfast was okay as well, totally enough for the 5 days.

The city itself is just stunning, there is not one modern building. The whole character of the city stayed the same during the years. Venice is breathtaking. There is so much to see and you can literally see everything by just walking around.


There are no cars in the whole city. Everything you want to reach you can by walking there or taking one of the famous water taxis. The water taxis aren´t expensive. A single ticket is around 7 euros or 20 Euros for a ticket which you can use the whole day.

Obviously, when you are in Italy, one of the best things is the food! We had breakfast in our hotel and only had a small lunch every now and then. 
When it came to eating dinner, we had a blast! In Venice there are restaurant everywhere. The prices are unbelievably high and you really need to have a good look around before deciding on one. Never eat in a restaurant on the main road, try to find smaller once in alleyways. The prices are much better and the quality is great. 

The whole trip was just amazing. It was good to go away for a few days and just breath. To just see new things and discover such an amazing city, was exactly what I needed. 
I would recommend visiting this city to anyone who loves a good trip to a city. Everyone who loves to walk around, to take some good pictures and to discover a city so different to the modern world, will love this city. It is worth a trip!

Love, Kim x

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Finding your perfect foundation - Rimmel London

Finding the perfect foundation is hard. I am a big fan of high-end foundations, but sometimes I just can´t be bothered spending so much money on them. When it comes to drugstore foundations, the once by Rimmel London are by far my favorite. 
These 3 I can highly recommend.

The first one is the wake me up foundation. This is my favourite foundation in the summer time. It doesn´t leave your skin greasy or matt. It adds a natural glow to your skin. I love this look in summer. It does not feel heavy on your skin but still has a medium coverage.It is easily blendable and leaves a natural and flawless look on your skin.

The second one is the true match perfection foundation. I tend to reach for this one when I have a "better skin day". It´s a medium coverage foundation and is very light on your skin. It´s very fluidity and molts in your skin perfectly. It leaves a good amount of coverage on your skin but does´t feel heavy at all. especially now on the cold days I reach for this foundation, because it so fluidity and gives a good amount of moisture to your skin as well.

The last one is the Lasting finish 25 hours foundation. This is my go to product when my skin is breaking out. This foundation is perfecting your skin and is a full coverage foundation. It is quite heavy on your skin and thick, but it gives me a self- confidence boost. When I wear this foundation I don´t need to look into the mirror every two minutes to check if anyone can see my blemishes hidden under my foundation. It covers your skin in a good amount of foundation and it stays! I can´t tell you if this foundation stays on your skin 25 hours like its says on the packaging, but lets be honest- who wears make up 25 hours straight?..
This foundation lasts a long time, I can promise you, and if you use a primer underneath it, it will not move a single bit during the day.

My everyday foundation routine is to mix the 2nd and the 3rd one together. It leaves the right amount of coverage on my skin and leaves a perfect finish! 
Don´t be scared to mix foundations, it can work out perfectly. Just give it a try and take some risks in life.

I hope this blogpost is useful for you. Give drugstore foundations a try. There are plenty of them on the market, it doesn´t always has to be a foundation by Nars or MAC. Work out what is best for your skin type and what makes you feel good, because that should always be the main point in wearing make up.

Love, Kim x

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