Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Whats In My Make Up Bag

Hello lovelies,

this weeks blogpost is all about the bits and bobs I carry around in my little make up bag.
You will find some useful things, make up bits and strange stuff in there.

So let´s have a look what we´ll find in there.

First things first, my make up bag is by Ted Baker a british designer who uses a lot of classic designs and loves a good old classic look.
This make up bag is black and pale pink and has rose gold detailing here and there.

If you are only interested in the make up bits scroll past the beauty bits :)

beauty bits:

To go with the rose gold theme I carry a rose gold mirror by kiko cosmetics with me. 
Everyone needs a good mirror in their beauty case. I used to always use the little mirror which comes with little make up palettes or powders but I feel like they are always dirty from the leftovers of the product, so I got my hands on one of this beauties.

There we go, the first really random thing I carry around with me. 
Yes I do always have a toothbrush with me with some toothpaste. 
You never know when this will come in really handy. 
I feel secure carrying one with me.
When I decide to have a spontaneous sleep over at one of my friends or I decide to eat a hell lot of garlic bread at a steakhouse (yes that happens more than I ´d like)
this is a life saver!

The usual stuff just as a hand gel to kill bacterias you catch on the tube or bus, 
or to feel clean after have a good old shopping spree and you decide to have some to go food.
To keep your hands clean is as important as to nourish them which brings me to my beloved handcreme you may already know from my blogpost in June
May Favorites 
This handcreme is so good - so good. 
It´s by yves rocher and make your hands feel so smooth. 
It sinks into your skin really quickly which I love, I hate the feel of sticky hands. 
It smells of blackberries and makes you want to eat it - don't, please.

I always carry a fragrance with me (as well as a deodorant, which is too big for my little bag so it´s not mention in this post)
I always pay attention to my smell. 
It´s really important to me to always smell good. 
Apart of taking regular showers and using a deodorant, a fragrance is a must have for me.
I can´t carry around the big bottles so I use fragrances made for your hand bag.
At the moment I love the attractive girl eau de parfum by mel mere. 
Its flowery and very fresh, perfect for the late summer time.

A travel tangle teezer is alway with me, but I also love having a comb with me.
I don´t use it to brush my hair, I use the brush for that, but my hair is quite thick and tends to just lay around my face flatly after a couple of hours, that´s why a comb comes in handy to brush through the little hair around my hair line and add a bit of volume. 
To add volume you have to comb your hair in the opposite direction in which your hair usually grows.

This wouldn´t be a blogpost of mine if I wouldn´t mention loads of lip products. 
I carry way to many lip products with me.
I always nourish my lips before applying any sort of lip product with color in it.
I love the eos lip balm in strawberry and raspberry for a quick swipe over my lips.
I also love the maybelline new york baby lips products, especially the one for hydration.
If my lips are really damaged I use the aloe lips by forever.
I use this one ever night before bed because it is quite thick and stays one a long long time. 
It hasn´t exactly the most amazing feel to it on the lips but it really makes a difference since I am using this one. 

Last but not least I carry a tweezer and a little nail file with me.
You never know when this will come in very handy. I had a couple situation where someone ask "Does anyone has a nail file with them" and I could say "Actually you know what, I do."
lifesaver - I promise.

Make up bits:

A good old concealer. The most important thing in my make up bag. Especially if you tend on getting blemishes rather quickly or if you noticed that your make up tends to move during the day a canceler is a must have.
Pop it on wherever you need it set it with a bit of powder and you are all good in a few seconds.
This concealer is by rimmel london it´s the wake me up concealer.

Speaking of powder. I always carry a transparent powder with me. You don´t need to worry about color matching or similar issues. 
I don´t carry it with me to cover anything up, it´s just to settle your concealer or to keep your skin from shining like a diamond (see what I did there - funny one, aren´t I?)
I love using the stay matte powder by rimmel london in the color 001 Transparent.

I like carrying a blush with me. What I don´t like is carrying loads of brushes with me so I always have a cream blush with me which I can apply with my fingers when needed.
I have the essence natvent urista blush stain 01 you´re my dragonfly sugar in my make up bag at the moment.

To always have the opportunity to at least redo he basics of my make up when I am away I carry a littler travel size mascara with me by yves rocher its the sexy pulp in 03 rose vf 
and a go to lipgloss sexy pulp 01 noir

I do have way too many lip products in my make up bag already but I always carry the products with me which I used that morning.
Most days it will be a simply nude lip just as Mac Velvet Teddy and a go to lipliner Maybelline New York Super lipliner 41 rosewood.
If you follow my blog for a while you know I am a sucker for this lip look.

I hope you like this weeks blogpost x

What is the most important essential in your make up bag?
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Love, Kim x

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Food Diary ⎹ Santorini Edition

Last weeks blogpost was all about my summer holiday in Santrorini.
Have a look at 
for pictures and stories of my summer holiday, outfits and special trips.

I asked you if you´d like to see a Food Diary so that is what this weeks blogpost will be all about.

In Santorini it is very common to just have breakfast and lunch at your hotel you are staying at and having dinner by the sea side in different restaurants,
That´s what I did as well.

I hope you like this weeks blogpost

We had a greek salad or a traditional Zaziki for starter almost every day. Greek people tend to go for dinner around 11 pm. 
I couldn´t wait that long every evening, especially because we only had lunch during the day once or twice during this two weeks.

So we shared a starter and a glass of wine or a beer to have a larger period of time at the restaurant.

Of course we started the week with a typical greeks dish, chicken souvlaki. 
I don´t eat pork because it isn´t good for your skin. 
I am a big fan of chicken, so we order the chicken version.
I am in love with peta bread. 
You will always find me having a dish with some peta bread when in Greece.

To not eat too unhealthy I tend to have a salad every now and then. 
I tried a couple chicken salads and a few chefs salads with egg and bacon. 
To go for a salad is such a good option especially because the weather was quite hot and you don´t want to eat too much and have a full tummy during this kind of weather if you asked me. 
So a salad it was for a couple of evenings.

Bruschetta is something I always go for in italy. I was quite surprised to find it at a greeks restaurant, it was delicious and a welcome change to a salad or a Zaziki for starter.

Pasta is a go too dish for me. I am a huge fan of a good old pasta dish.
This pasta was served with cherry tomatoes and garlic. 
They serve the typical pasta dishes such as Spaghetti Bolognese or Cabonara. But they also do their own creations such as Santorini pasta or sea food pasta. 

I was first introduced to Halloumi when I lived in London. You can find it everywhere in the UK. Halloumi Burgers, salads everything is served with the special cheese
I love it (!) so it was a pleasend surprise to find reastaurant with it on its menu.

At an international restaurant I´ve gone for a chicken caesar wrap with some chips.
One of my favorites meal out of this food diary.
You just can´t get wrong with a well- made wrap.

We also had a Strawberry Moquito with some crips to go with a lovely view of the sun slowly setting.
We did have a cocktail every know and then which you have probably already seen if you follow me on twitter and instagram (both @ londonstagraam - details below as well) but these once where just amazing- so good.

All in all the greeks kitchen is amazing. I love the heavy spicery and the ouzos ;)

I hope you liked this weeks blogpost.
What is your fav. greeks dish ? 
Let me know
comment down below
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Love, Kim x

PS: How do you like my new layout? I love it xx

Thursday, 13 August 2015

Versatile Blog Award

The Versatile Blogger Award

Rules of this award:
.Thank the person who nominated you
.Include a link to there blog
.Write seven facts about yourself
.Nominated other bloggers to pass this award on.

First of all I have to thank you guys for over 7K views on my blog! You guys are amazing!
Secondly, a massiv thank you to the lovely Kat from kittykat08.blogspot.co.uk for nominating me.
She is such a lovely person, so go have a look at her blog please x

Let´s go x

Fact 1:
I am a huge book lover. I read three to four books a week and on holiday I read up to three books a day.
I even got a quote from one of my fav. books as a tattoo. Books are as importamt to me as air. (cheesy)

Fact 2:
I was always into photography and writing as long as I can remember and I wanted to study both for quite a while but decided against it when I found out how poor the payments for a professional photographer are and how difficult it is to write for a living. 
Now I want to be a PA (Personal Assistant) but still keep an open mind on becoming a writer one day 

Fact 3:
My first concert was at an age of 10 and I was so small I could not see a thing, totally worth it - not.

Fact 4:
I have a huge phobia when it comes to butterflies - I think they are evil and dangerous. I am not even joking. I get the worst panic attacks when I am close to one.

Fact 5:
Dianna Agron is my role model. 

Fact 6:
My uncle once saved my life. I nearly died on a family trip rolling down a hill, into the water. He saved me and I love him for that.

Fact 7:
 I am obsessed with tumblr >> http://londonstagraam.tumblr.com

You can find even more facts about me here >> 

Thank you again Kat for nominating me. That was a very sweet thing to do. 
 I nominate :
The wonderful Kelly beautypeptalk.blogspot.com
The sweetest Sophie sophiedoesnails.wordpress.com
Have fun sweets x

Next blogpost on tuesday, as always x
Love, Kim x

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

July Beauty and Skincare Favorites

July has come and gone so fast. I spend most of my July in Santorini
you can see the pictures I toke and the story I shared with you here:

Still, my interest in beauty and skincare does not go on holiday and so I bought some new things and got some old faves out this month.

Let´s get started x

Beauty Favorites

I got my hands on the paint pot painterly by MAC in Fira when I was in Santorini. 
They had 25% of and I just could not not get something.
This paint pot is perfect as an eyeshadow base. It has a natural color, just a bit brighter than my eyelids and makes an eyeshadow pop to it´s maximum. 
It´s perfect for people who have oily eyelids. 
Eyeshadows tend to move around and end up in the crease, this paint pot provides this.
Huge favorite.

I got my cream blush afternoon tea by topshop out. I love cream blushes in summer time. It tends to underline the glowy and dewy look I love to go for in summer.
I got a bit of a tan going on right now so this intense color looks amazing.

I got one of my all time favorite MAC lipstick in Santorini as well. The color is called Modesty and is a dark nude color. It´s a bit darker and creamier than my well- loved velvet teddy. It´s an amazing every day nude lipstick.

Staying with the nude lip trend I loved wearing the revlon colorburst matt balm in the color 205 elusive insaissbale. I toke it with me to Santorini and wore it every other night.
It has a matt finish but nourishes your lips and feels good all night. 

Skincare Favorites
Of course I could talk about sunscreen and protecting your skin at all times but I did a blogpost about it a few weeks back and don't want to bore you with it again.
If you are interested in skin care on holiday or you will be on summer holiday soon.
Go have a look here:

A good body scrub makes your life so much easier. This is the only product I will feature from my Holiday beauty essentials (link above and >>july)
because I still use it in my shower at home.
It smells so good and puts me in such a happy mood when I use it.
It makes my skin feel amazing and makes my tan look stunning!

I used to love the labello lip butter in strawberry but this one in the sent Vanilla & Macadamia stole my heart this month. It smells so good and leaves your lips feel well-tended.
I use it everyday before applying my make up. It sinks into your lips while applying everything else and makes my lips feel nourished during the day no matter what lipstick I will apply above it.

This La Roche- Porsay face moisturizer is amazing for under your make up.
As you may remember from my skin care routine blogpost
I used to only apply a clinic moisturizer under my make up but this one sinks into your skin so quickly that I always use it when I am in a bit of a hurry in the morning.
I love it!

I hope you liked this weeks blogpost.
Let me know what your must- have beauty product is at the moment x

Love, Kim x

PS: The requested Food Diary will be up next week x

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

My Summer Holiday⎹ Santorini; Greece

For this years summer holiday I went to stay on the beautiful greeks island Santorini.
I spend 14 days in total in Santorini in a small hotel with under 150 beds in Kamari close to the Kamari Beach.
The hotel has it´s own swimming pool, a bar and a restaurant in which you can have your daily breakfast and lunch during the day.
The weather was amazing, over 30*C every single day and even by night it never got under 28*C degrees.
I had a blast in Santorini and wanted to share a few pictures and some stories with you my loves.

Have fun x

Santorini is a vulcan island so the beach doesn´t have normal sand it has tiny black rocks.
The beach looked amazing with the black ground and the crystal blue water.
Kamari is the main location for tourism because of the beautiful beach.
Kamari has many little hotels and a main promenade where you can have dinner by the sea and do your bibs and bobs of shopping.

Shirt: Zara
Trousers: Zara

I made a trip to Fira, which is one of the two bigger cities of Santorini. 
In Fira you can find the famous white and blue houses everywhere. You have a stunning few over the ocean and over the vulcan caldera in which the white houses are build in.
Pictures below:

The island has an amazing vibe to it and looks stunning by day and breathtaking by night.
Santorini is quite small but is one of the three most popular island of Greece. 
It is a bit more of the pricier side but it´s worth a visit.

Maxi Dress: Zara

The second trip was into Oia, the 2nd bigger city of Santorini.
In Oia you can see the most beautiful sunset, I had dinner while watching the sun set-
 unbelievable beautiful!
Oia also has plenty of little shops and churches as well as a few art galleries.

Overall: H&M

 At one point I spend the evening in an open air cinema to watch Magic Mike XXL. 
I´ve never been to an open air cinema before so that was quite exciting.
I loved it! It´s just something special to see a movie under the sky full of stars.

On my last evening in Santorini, I had dinner on a boat and watched the sunset.
It´s one of my favorite stories to tell about my summer holiday. 
To watch the sun set with a glass of Ouzo and good food, on a boat is something I can´t describe with words. 
It´s a moment I won´t ever forget.

Shirt: Zara; 
 Shorts: New Look

I hope you liked this weeks blogpost and the pictures and stories I shared with you.
If you would like a Food Diary⎹ Santorini Edition
let me know in the comments or tweet me @ londonstagraam
(details below)

Love, Kim x