Thursday, 13 August 2015

Versatile Blog Award

The Versatile Blogger Award

Rules of this award:
.Thank the person who nominated you
.Include a link to there blog
.Write seven facts about yourself
.Nominated other bloggers to pass this award on.

First of all I have to thank you guys for over 7K views on my blog! You guys are amazing!
Secondly, a massiv thank you to the lovely Kat from for nominating me.
She is such a lovely person, so go have a look at her blog please x

Let´s go x

Fact 1:
I am a huge book lover. I read three to four books a week and on holiday I read up to three books a day.
I even got a quote from one of my fav. books as a tattoo. Books are as importamt to me as air. (cheesy)

Fact 2:
I was always into photography and writing as long as I can remember and I wanted to study both for quite a while but decided against it when I found out how poor the payments for a professional photographer are and how difficult it is to write for a living. 
Now I want to be a PA (Personal Assistant) but still keep an open mind on becoming a writer one day 

Fact 3:
My first concert was at an age of 10 and I was so small I could not see a thing, totally worth it - not.

Fact 4:
I have a huge phobia when it comes to butterflies - I think they are evil and dangerous. I am not even joking. I get the worst panic attacks when I am close to one.

Fact 5:
Dianna Agron is my role model. 

Fact 6:
My uncle once saved my life. I nearly died on a family trip rolling down a hill, into the water. He saved me and I love him for that.

Fact 7:
 I am obsessed with tumblr >>

You can find even more facts about me here >>

Thank you again Kat for nominating me. That was a very sweet thing to do. 
 I nominate :
The wonderful Kelly
The sweetest Sophie
Have fun sweets x

Next blogpost on tuesday, as always x
Love, Kim x

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