Tuesday, 4 August 2015

My Summer Holiday⎹ Santorini; Greece

For this years summer holiday I went to stay on the beautiful greeks island Santorini.
I spend 14 days in total in Santorini in a small hotel with under 150 beds in Kamari close to the Kamari Beach.
The hotel has it´s own swimming pool, a bar and a restaurant in which you can have your daily breakfast and lunch during the day.
The weather was amazing, over 30*C every single day and even by night it never got under 28*C degrees.
I had a blast in Santorini and wanted to share a few pictures and some stories with you my loves.

Have fun x

Santorini is a vulcan island so the beach doesn´t have normal sand it has tiny black rocks.
The beach looked amazing with the black ground and the crystal blue water.
Kamari is the main location for tourism because of the beautiful beach.
Kamari has many little hotels and a main promenade where you can have dinner by the sea and do your bibs and bobs of shopping.

Shirt: Zara
Trousers: Zara

I made a trip to Fira, which is one of the two bigger cities of Santorini. 
In Fira you can find the famous white and blue houses everywhere. You have a stunning few over the ocean and over the vulcan caldera in which the white houses are build in.
Pictures below:

The island has an amazing vibe to it and looks stunning by day and breathtaking by night.
Santorini is quite small but is one of the three most popular island of Greece. 
It is a bit more of the pricier side but it´s worth a visit.

Maxi Dress: Zara

The second trip was into Oia, the 2nd bigger city of Santorini.
In Oia you can see the most beautiful sunset, I had dinner while watching the sun set-
 unbelievable beautiful!
Oia also has plenty of little shops and churches as well as a few art galleries.

Overall: H&M

 At one point I spend the evening in an open air cinema to watch Magic Mike XXL. 
I´ve never been to an open air cinema before so that was quite exciting.
I loved it! It´s just something special to see a movie under the sky full of stars.

On my last evening in Santorini, I had dinner on a boat and watched the sunset.
It´s one of my favorite stories to tell about my summer holiday. 
To watch the sun set with a glass of Ouzo and good food, on a boat is something I can´t describe with words. 
It´s a moment I won´t ever forget.

Shirt: Zara; 
 Shorts: New Look

I hope you liked this weeks blogpost and the pictures and stories I shared with you.
If you would like a Food Diary⎹ Santorini Edition
let me know in the comments or tweet me @ londonstagraam
(details below)

Love, Kim x


  1. Oh it looks like you've had a blast! It looks amazing, and your pictures look great :) And you look really good :) I would love to see a food diary :)) I'm a big foodie xx

    1. Thank you lovely x I had an amazing time there. Really glad you liked it xx
      I will write a food diary then love x thank you!

  2. Looks like you had an awesome time:), some really great photos you have here and you look great such a lovely post.

    1. Thank you lovely! I did have an awesome time! I´m glad you liked it xx