Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Bronzing products

A good bronzer can make a huge difference when it comes to make up. In the last couple of months, maybe a year -conturing your face with Bronzer became a huge deal and everyone seems obsessed with finding the right product to lift, hide, contour specific areas in your face.
In this weeks blogpost I´ll share my favorite products to do all these things with.

Let´s have some fun with bronzer, shall we ? :) Go!

This bronzer is by Kiko Cosmetics and is in the color 01 Forward Sienna. This bronzer I am wearing most of the times. It has three different colors in the packaging, a light brown, a middle toned brown and a darker shade. What I love about this bronzer is that you can apply your bronzer quite controlled. you can start of with swirling your bronzing brush into the lighter shades and see if you like the finish it leaves on your skin. If you want to you can add the darker color to give it a darker finish. It´s a perfect "all in one product" because when you get a little bit of a tan you can swirl your brush in the darker color and it gives you the perfect shade for your tanned skin. Huge favorite !

This bronzer is the sun club bronzer for darker skin. (color: 02 sunny)
The sun club bronzer by essence smells like sunscreen! amazing, if you ask me. I am not only in for it for the smell, I do love the bronzer itself. I am hands down, not a person with darker skin, but the swatch of the lighter shade didn't leave a good amount of bronziness ;)
Don´t be afraid to test the darker color, it is beautiful even on pale skin. I promise you.
It is a bit more orange toned than other bronzer but for the prize (around 2 pounds) it is an amazing bronzer.

The poudre bronzante delice de poudre bronzing powder in the shade 52 is a product a lot of blogger and youtuber talk about. I know that Tanya Burr is a big fan of it and when I first got my hands on it, I fell in love right away.
The product smells awesome. It actually smells like chocolate and the packaging looks like a chocolate bar. how cute is that?
Not only is the packaging and the smell the cutest thing ever, the bronzer itself is amazing as well. I love bourjois paris products. 

The most- likely "most famous" bronzer. Everyone know about the Benefit - Hoola bronzer. I have to say the price is insane! benefit products are pricy! I remember getting this one a horrible day and I wanted to treat myself to something really nice. I only use this bronzer at special events. I just have to say it, it is the best bronzer I have ever used. I am not regretting getting it, actually I will cry my eyes out the day I´ll see the bottom of the packaging. It is hands down the most perfect colored bronzer.

This one I got quite recently if you may have seen this product here http://londonstagraam.blogspot.de/2015/04/xxl-beauty-haul-london-edition.html
It´s the instant glow by seventeen. It´s my first ever cream bronzer and I used it a couple of times when the sun came out and I knew I would be outside and in the sun a lot. I like it, I like the formulation and the color. I will use this one during the hot days in summer and on holiday. 

The last bronzer is by soap & glory it´s the solar powder. I got this product together with the seventeen one in my recent London haul. (link above)
What makes this bronzer special? its the glowing finish it leaves on the face. Its not matt like the hoola bronzer sort the sun club bronzer. It´s glowy, perfect for a sping and summer make up.

I hope you liked this weeks blogpost! 
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Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Spring nail polishes

In spring time it is finally time to get out the colors, at least when it comes to nail polishes. I dress in quite natural colors and don´t go for a bright colored look, but when it comes to my nails I like to go a bit crazy. Every color is allowed.

In spring time it´s al a bout pastel colors for me and some reds and classic colors.
In this weeks blogpost I´ll show you my favorite nail polishes for the spring time.
Let´s get started -enjoy!

This nail polish by P2 is stunning. I have this one for ages and repurchased it as soon as I get the feeling one gets empty. It´s the color 010 little princess an edit is a baby pink color. It is very close to just being white but the light pinky shade makes it look amazing on your nails. Such a spring color if you ask me.

This one is by estée lauder and it is the color 12 white beige. It is not a totally spring color I would say but lets be honest you can never go wrong with a classic beige. You only need the tiniest amount of color to get a good result and I am in love with this nail polish.

This two you will recognize from my XXL BEAUTY HAUL ⎹   London edition.  http://londonstagraam.blogspot.de/2015/04/xxl-beauty-haul-london-edition.html
I just bought these beauties a two weeks ago but I wear them consistently. I love both colors. lap of honour 502 and road rage 450. This nail polishes are by BarryM. They dry quickly just as the packaging says and you can get a good result with just one coat. I am in love!

Essie makes by far the best nail polishes in my opinion. You can get them in drugstores and are around £6. I lov the colors blanc which is a classy white color, which I think its perfect fro spring and summer, you look more tanned and it makes you look fresh and healthy. I also love the color sole mate, which is a dark lilac toned nail polish. It is a bit of an autumn color I think but I just love she finish so much that I am wearing it in spring and all year around too.

Of course I can´t make a post about nail polishes without mentioning my fav. beauty guru Tanya Burr.  Her nail polishes, fake lashes and lipgloss range is amazing! 
especially the nail polish in the color riding hood has made it´s way into my heart. It is a classy red color and it just looks incredibly sexy on your nails. if you´d ask guys which color they love on girls nails, most of them will say red. Red is just sexy and powerful and I feel amazing wearing a classic red nail, just as a classic red lip (http://londonstagraam.blogspot.de/2015/02/the-perfect-red-lip.html.)

I hope you enjoyed this weeks blogpost!

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Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Easter in London

This year I spend easter in my second home- in London. I flew to London with my mom for 5 days to relax and enjoy the rather good weather in the most beautiful city.
I spend most of 2014 in London and the first months of 2015. It felt good to be back there and it was as if I´d have never left.
I wanted to share some pictures with you of this beautiful journey.

We started our journey in rainy Hamburg and one and a half hours later we arrived in sunny London. We flew with british airways and as always it was a joyful flight.

We stayed in a hotel in Marylebone in NW1 so right in central London. We only needed a 15 minutes walk to get to oxford street/marble arch. 

We drove to Shoreditch after a long shopping trip the day before and walked the little streets and visited the cute markets. I really enjoyed the atmosphere there and I would highly recommend visiting this cute little town.

We also made a trip to the Tower Bridge and Big Ben as well as the London eye and Trafalgar square., as my mother wanted to do the usual sight-seeing stuff.

One of my favorite places in London is primrose hill. You can see so much of London when you stand at the highest point of the hill. You can even see the top of the London eye. 
It´s beautiful there and I would recommend going there when you visit London next time.

Of course my mom and I did a few other things such as shopping or walking through Regents Park, but this trip was a family get together in first instance. 
I still wanted to share a few pictures and places with you and I hope you enjoyed it.
Let me know what you think.
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Wednesday, 8 April 2015

XXL Beauty Haul⎹ London Edition

I spend easter in London this year (as you may know if you follow me on Twitter @ londonstagraam). I spend 5 days in London and went on a huge shipping trip. Obviously I did spend good amount of time in drugstore just as boots and super drug.

In this blogpost I will show you everything I got. Let´s go!

This is everything I got. I´ll go in more detail below. Have fun!

I got myself two nail polishes by Barry M. I know youtuber and blogger Essiebutton has talked about them a while ago and I wanted to give them a go. I got the colors 502 Lap of honour and 450 Road Rage. I am absolute rubbish when it comes to keep still while my nail posh is drying. I just can't be bothered waiting for it to dry. This nail polishes promises to dry quicker than usual. I hope they keep this promise. I keep you updated.

I got myself two face primers. The first one is by Rimmel London and the other one is my everyday primer by The Body Shop. I am a huge fan of The Body Shop one and I use it almost everyday under my foundation. I like the texture and the feeling it leaves on my skin. It is quite expensive with over 10 pounds so I wanted to try out the Rimmel London one. It promises to perfecting my skin and to make my foundation last longer. I can't wait to try it out.

I was on a hunt for a good bronzer for quite a while. I always knew the product by Soap and Glory are amazing, so I had a look at them and decided to go for the solar powder. 
You can see a close up below.

It promises it to leave your skin in a pretty glow and I think it will be perfect in summer with a bit of a tan.

I obviously had to get my favorite drugstore powder stay matte by Rimmel London. I wrote about this product in a recent blogpost so check it out if you want to know more about this powder.

When it comes to eyebrows, I am quite fussy. I just can never get them the way I want them to be. I am not a big fan of filling in my eyebrows with a powder, because I feel like it does not last all day. I  always use eyebrow pencils but never fell in love with a product. I wanted to try the archery brow tint & precision pencil for ages and I could not not try it out the next day and I have to say I am in love. I got it in the shade love is blonde even though I am a brunette, because I have quite bushy eyebrows and I feel like filling them in with a darker shade they are too in your face. I also don't think I am cool enough to pull of the "Cara Delevinge look".

I got myself the real techniques miracle complexion sponge to apply my everyday foundation with it. I always need a change when it comes to my every day make up, so I feel like switching from a brush to a sponge is a good change.

I went to Victoria´s Secret and apart from some nice lingerie I got myself a fragrance mist in fuji apple & vanilla orchid. 
I am in love with this sent.

Tipp: spay it on your hair, it last the longest there.

I also got my favorite concealer. The collection lasting perfection ultimate wear concealer. It has a full coverage and is perfect for hiding blemishes. I got the lightest shade to also use it as a highlight under my eye area.

I wanted a creamy bronzer for my Santorini trip in july and the summer time, because I feel like a creamy bronzer will last longer when the weather gets warmer and you may sweat a little. So I got the instant glow by seventeen. I got the shade It´s glow time. 

I am a big fan of dry shampoo, especially when you want to add some grip to you hair when you want to do hairstyles or to just have a nicer feel to it. I got the COLAB sheer invisible dry shampoo in LONDOn classic fragrance. 

I always put the garnier ultimate blends oil into the ends of my hair after I toke a shower and I also use it every now and then before bed. It smells amazing of coconut and leaves my hair feel a lot healthier.

I had to get the origins super spot remover. This is my go to product when I have a bad skin day/week. I use a tiny amount of this gel and put it right onto my spot and it if literally gone in just a day or two. I swear on this product.

Last but not least, I got myself the real techniques 305 flat contour brush from their bold metals collection. 
This brush was quite expensive (£22). I have not yet tried it as most of the products but I never owned a brush like this one and I can´t wait to try the brush with my new bronzing products.

let me know if you want a brush set blogpost maybe and let me know if you liked this XXL Beauty Haul

Love, Kim x