Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Spring nail polishes

In spring time it is finally time to get out the colors, at least when it comes to nail polishes. I dress in quite natural colors and don´t go for a bright colored look, but when it comes to my nails I like to go a bit crazy. Every color is allowed.

In spring time it´s al a bout pastel colors for me and some reds and classic colors.
In this weeks blogpost I´ll show you my favorite nail polishes for the spring time.
Let´s get started -enjoy!

This nail polish by P2 is stunning. I have this one for ages and repurchased it as soon as I get the feeling one gets empty. It´s the color 010 little princess an edit is a baby pink color. It is very close to just being white but the light pinky shade makes it look amazing on your nails. Such a spring color if you ask me.

This one is by estée lauder and it is the color 12 white beige. It is not a totally spring color I would say but lets be honest you can never go wrong with a classic beige. You only need the tiniest amount of color to get a good result and I am in love with this nail polish.

This two you will recognize from my XXL BEAUTY HAUL ⎹   London edition.  http://londonstagraam.blogspot.de/2015/04/xxl-beauty-haul-london-edition.html
I just bought these beauties a two weeks ago but I wear them consistently. I love both colors. lap of honour 502 and road rage 450. This nail polishes are by BarryM. They dry quickly just as the packaging says and you can get a good result with just one coat. I am in love!

Essie makes by far the best nail polishes in my opinion. You can get them in drugstores and are around £6. I lov the colors blanc which is a classy white color, which I think its perfect fro spring and summer, you look more tanned and it makes you look fresh and healthy. I also love the color sole mate, which is a dark lilac toned nail polish. It is a bit of an autumn color I think but I just love she finish so much that I am wearing it in spring and all year around too.

Of course I can´t make a post about nail polishes without mentioning my fav. beauty guru Tanya Burr.  Her nail polishes, fake lashes and lipgloss range is amazing! 
especially the nail polish in the color riding hood has made it´s way into my heart. It is a classy red color and it just looks incredibly sexy on your nails. if you´d ask guys which color they love on girls nails, most of them will say red. Red is just sexy and powerful and I feel amazing wearing a classic red nail, just as a classic red lip (http://londonstagraam.blogspot.de/2015/02/the-perfect-red-lip.html.)

I hope you enjoyed this weeks blogpost!

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Love, Kim x


  1. I LOVVVEE Tanya Burr too. Her nail polishes are so cute! New York Night is definitely my fave!
    Katie x

    1. I love the texture and the cute names x I´ll have a at New York Night xx
      love, Kim x

  2. The road rage colour is soo cute! The name though haha


    1. It is, isn´t it?! I am wearing it right now - so cute on the nails as well x Glad you liked the post.

      Love, Kim xx