Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Food Diary ⎹ Santorini Edition

Last weeks blogpost was all about my summer holiday in Santrorini.
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for pictures and stories of my summer holiday, outfits and special trips.

I asked you if you´d like to see a Food Diary so that is what this weeks blogpost will be all about.

In Santorini it is very common to just have breakfast and lunch at your hotel you are staying at and having dinner by the sea side in different restaurants,
That´s what I did as well.

I hope you like this weeks blogpost

We had a greek salad or a traditional Zaziki for starter almost every day. Greek people tend to go for dinner around 11 pm. 
I couldn´t wait that long every evening, especially because we only had lunch during the day once or twice during this two weeks.

So we shared a starter and a glass of wine or a beer to have a larger period of time at the restaurant.

Of course we started the week with a typical greeks dish, chicken souvlaki. 
I don´t eat pork because it isn´t good for your skin. 
I am a big fan of chicken, so we order the chicken version.
I am in love with peta bread. 
You will always find me having a dish with some peta bread when in Greece.

To not eat too unhealthy I tend to have a salad every now and then. 
I tried a couple chicken salads and a few chefs salads with egg and bacon. 
To go for a salad is such a good option especially because the weather was quite hot and you don´t want to eat too much and have a full tummy during this kind of weather if you asked me. 
So a salad it was for a couple of evenings.

Bruschetta is something I always go for in italy. I was quite surprised to find it at a greeks restaurant, it was delicious and a welcome change to a salad or a Zaziki for starter.

Pasta is a go too dish for me. I am a huge fan of a good old pasta dish.
This pasta was served with cherry tomatoes and garlic. 
They serve the typical pasta dishes such as Spaghetti Bolognese or Cabonara. But they also do their own creations such as Santorini pasta or sea food pasta. 

I was first introduced to Halloumi when I lived in London. You can find it everywhere in the UK. Halloumi Burgers, salads everything is served with the special cheese
I love it (!) so it was a pleasend surprise to find reastaurant with it on its menu.

At an international restaurant I´ve gone for a chicken caesar wrap with some chips.
One of my favorites meal out of this food diary.
You just can´t get wrong with a well- made wrap.

We also had a Strawberry Moquito with some crips to go with a lovely view of the sun slowly setting.
We did have a cocktail every know and then which you have probably already seen if you follow me on twitter and instagram (both @ londonstagraam - details below as well) but these once where just amazing- so good.

All in all the greeks kitchen is amazing. I love the heavy spicery and the ouzos ;)

I hope you liked this weeks blogpost.
What is your fav. greeks dish ? 
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Love, Kim x

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  1. I was one of the people who really wanted to see this food diary, and it didn't disappoint me! I love it! I'm a huge foodie, and I really want to try all of these NOW! :D Hope you do more of these posts :) xx

    1. Oii thank you! That means so much to me! I will definitely do more of these xx love x

    2. Great! I should do these, too sometime xx (London version maybe ;)

    3. yeah do it! I would love to have a read xx