Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Kiko cosmetics palette

Kiko cosmetics has a special offer right now in which you get a empty magnetic palette which can hold 9 eyeshadows, if you buy three of their infinity eyeshadows.

This is the one I composed:

You can choose from a big range of eyeshadow colors. There are shimmery once, matt once and even glittery once in every color you can possibly think of.

I decided I wanted to have a bit of everything, so I have gone from natural matt shades to really glittery colorful once.
I picked a highlight color, which is lightly baby pink and matt. one glittery one (pinky toned) and one shimmery one in a brown color. I picked up a matt brown color and a black one (perfect for a smoky eye). I have gone for 3 purple shades, because I have hazel eyes and warm colors suit them quite well.
I also picked up a greenish color, which I think could look amazing in an evening make up.

The eyeshadows have a really good pigmentation and I adore the formulation. 
Which brings me the best part of this palette. 
The eyeshadows have such a nice formulation that I think they can keep up with MAC eyeshadows. But they only cost around £2! each, which is compared to MAC eyeshadows absolutely amazing!

I recommend to get your hands on of the palettes as soon as possible, because I am not sure how long they will have this special offer in their stores. These eyeshadows are definitely worth a try!

Let me know what you think!
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