Tuesday, 23 June 2015

matt lip glosses

At the moment its all about matt lipsticks, but there are matt lip glosses at the market as well and I can tell you they are amazing.
They changed my make up routine from the day I got my first one.
In this blogpost I will show you my three fav. matt lip glosses

I wanted to show you a red lip option and of course the famous nude lip option in which I recommend you a more pricy one and a bargain option.

I hope you enjoy it! x

This two lip glosses are by essence cosmetic and as I said before I wasn´t a big fan of their brand a few years back but they improved so so much, especially in the lip- department.
This two matt lip glosses are a bargain and you can find them in your local drugstore.

The red one on the left is a must have for me when I go for a red lip. It is as important as a red lipliner for me nowadays.
I always have the problem of a matt lipstick drying out very quickly on my lips. If you go for a bold lipstick you don´t want to worry about the lipstick getting in your tiny lip wrinkles or looking dry on your lips. After I lined my lips and applied my lipstick I apply the matt lipgloss and my lip- look stays and looks good for hours. 

The nude lipgloss you might recognize from my perfect everyday nude lip blogpost which got online in may

I am a huge huge fan of this lipgloss because it doesn´t cover up my fav. lipstick color velvet teddy by mac. It makes your lips feel good even after spending hours out and it just stays on, which is so important. 

This lipgloss by astor is a little more pricy but so so amazing. It´s a matte style lip lacquer. What I like most about this lipgloss is that it adds the most beautiful nude lip color to your lips. The others lip glosses above add a bit of color as well but I like them most because they add mostly a hint moisture to your matt lips and the original color underneath is see-through.
This one adds moisture and adds a beautiful color. The color matches a lot of my fav. matt nude lipsticks and is my go to matt lipgloss.

A matt lipgloss is an important product for your make up back if you ask me and maybe I got you hooked on them a little bit.

I hope you liked this weeks blogpost x

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Love, Kim x

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