Friday, 19 June 2015

Holy grail drugstore foundations

The foundation is the basis of a good make up. To find the perfect foundation for your skin type and skin tone can be a pain in the ...
I already wrote a blogpost about how to find the perfect foundation (Rimmel London edition)

But I wanted to share with you my holy grail foundations! The best part of this blogpost is that you can find them in your local drugstore.
I can highly recommend these two foundations and I always get back to them because they are amazing!

Let´s start :)

My two holy grail foundation are the dream wonder nude by maybelline new york and the indefectible 24h - matt foundation by Loreal paris.
I have two foundation I can always count on because they couldn´t be any more different from each other.

The dream wonder nude by maybelline is the most lightweight foundation I have ever tried. This foundation feels so light and soft on the skin that you can barely feel its on your skin. I recommend this foundation to nearly every single one of my friends. 
I love the light feeling of it on my skin. It really feels like you don´t even wear make up which is amazing if you ask me.
I tend to use this foundation almost everyday. It evens out your skin tone and leaves a lovely finish on your skin. You don't even have to put powder on top of it because it has a very natural finish.

I would say it has medium coverage and is a perfect everyday foundation.

The indefectible 24h- matt foundation by Loreal paris is the complete opposite from the one above.
This fondation has an amazingly high coverage and I tend to go for this one when I have a really really bad skin day. I suffered from really bad acne when I was a teenager and I still have these days when I feel like 15 again and want to cover up my skin completely. Thats when I get this foundation out of my beauty bag again.

Of course it does feel very different from the maybelline one. It isn´t as light on the skin but I think there isn´t a foundation out there with such a high coverage which feels like a light-weighted medium coverage foundation. 
This foundation does not feel greasy or too heavy on the skin. You do have the feeling of make up on your skin but when you feel insecure the feeling of having make up all over your skin can help a lot to feel better about yourself.

This foundations are hands down the best ones when it comes to drugstore foundations. I can recommend them by heart!

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