Friday, 26 June 2015

A Day In My Life⎹ Zoo Edition

Hello lovlies x
I spend a gorgeous sunny day in a zoo with one of my best friends a few weeks ago.
I am going to the zoo once a year no matter what age I am.
I love this zoo especially because it´s so big, the animals have lots of space and the whole park looks amazing and you can really see its well looked after.
I want to share a few pictures of the cute animals, the lovely gardens and all in all wonderful day, with you.
I hope you enjoy it x

We were lucky to see some of the animals get their food and getting a few more information about them. All the people working their were super lovely and gave us the feeling of loving their job. They answered questions about the animals and about their job. This is the only zoo I have ever been to where I have the feeling of everyone liking what they are doing and be very good to the animals at all times.

What I love most about this zoo is that the whole compound is just breathtaking. 
Everything is just very taking cared of and very clean. 
The whole compound is very large and well organized. 
It´s not only the animals who makes this place so special but also the whole atmosphere.

Time for a little lunch break. We sat down for a while had a little snack and just enjoyed the atmoshoehre, the noises in the background and watched little families and kindergarten groups go by.
We had such good luck with the weather, it was just a beautiful sunny day.

At the end we toke a sneaky way back to the elephants and had the chance to see one of the cute elephants shows. Their were all listening to their own name and gave "little" kisses. They even showed us how they could sit on their own and how they could catch a brick.

I hope you liked this weeks blogpost and the pictures I toke x

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  1. This is an amazing scenery with all those animals, I wouldn't wanna leave. That monkey just chilling on that wall is so cute.

    1. I know right? It´s so so beautiful there. Love every single detail about this zoo x
      Glad you liked it lovely x