Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Birkenstocks review

Birkenstocks! Everyone knows or at least heard about Birkenstocks.These flats are on the market for a crazy amount of time and had huge comeback last year.
I now decided to hop onto this trend and get myself a pair.

Yes, I didn´t get one pair, I got two! Why´s that? Here is my review.

Birkenstocks are normal flat shoes with cork and rubber footbeds which conforms with the shape of your foot. They get really comfortable while wearing them for a while.
last year everyone had the Birkenstocks with two straps, but I wanted to go for the one strap, because they look quite feminine if you ask me.
Birkenstocks is a german company and famous for their incredible quality.
I had other flat sandals from other brands but they always chafed the thin skin at the top of my feet or they got really uncomfortable after a while of walking in them.
I did decided to try Birkenstocks and I have to say, I get the hype!
They fit so nicely and you really can wear them all day long without your feet feeling like falling off any second.
Especially in summer time they are perfect. you can easily slip them off and have a sneaky walk into a lake or sea. Your feet don't feel too hot in them and they are just really great.
I do believe that because of the amazing quality you invest into a pair of shows for a lifetime. I see myself wearing them in 2 years, in 10 years and even in 30 years. I don´t think you can go wrong with a simple styled flat shoe.

I wanted to got for the classy black sandal. They suit every kind of outfit and look chilled but classy. After seeing the white pair, I didn´t think twice (even though I did) and got them as well. You can´t go wrong with a white pair of shoes in summer time. White will be getting so big this summer, just like last year and I can´t wait to style them!

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