Tuesday, 2 June 2015

May Favorites

It is time again, it´s the end of the month. It is time for my May favorites. 
This month was pretty crazy, I was out and about a lot and this month just flew bye so fast! 
Let´s see what Things made my May such a good month x

Beauty Favorites, Lifestyle Favorites and some random Favorites are waiting for you in this blogpost.
Let´s go!

The dream wonder nude foundation by maybelline new york is a very liquid- like foundation. This foundation is very soft and light on the skin. Especially now when the weather gets better and you don´t want the feeling of a heavy make up on your skin this foundation will be your lifesaver. It feels absolutely amazing. It is so so light on the skin but still gives the right amount of coverage. As you may know from my skin care routine back in february, I do suffer from acne so it is very important to me that I have a foundation with a good coverage. Most make ups just feel very heavy and leave a cakey finish on your skin so I was very excited to try this one. I wear, it literally wear it every day when I decide to wear make up. The best thing is that this make up is from the drugstore and costs under £10.
I can highly recommend this foundation and I will defiantly repurchase it. (already did)

Skin care routine: http://londonstagraam.blogspot.de/2015/02/skin-care-routine.html (suffering from acne or bad spots, defiantly have a look)

This little bottle is a hand creme and is by Yves rocher. It smells unbelievable good of blackberries. This hand cream leaves a very soft feeling on the skin. It nourish and moisturizes the skin very well and sinks into your skin pretty quick which is important to me when it comes to hand cream.
My skin is still very dry from the colder months of this year so a good hand cream is always in my bag. 

This month I especially loved this lip combination. It´s time to get out of my comfort zone a little and get the bright lipsticks out. In my April favorites 
I wrote that I slowly started to get into the bright lip trend again and this month I wanted to get a step ahead and fully go for it. 
The lipstick is by MAC and is in the bright pink color Candy Yumm Yumm. It is very bright but it looks amazing it really does. The lipliner to go with this look is by Manhatten and is in the color 57F.
I admit it takes a bit of bravery to go for this look but on some days in May when the sun was out and I was feeling my look and was feeling confident in my skin I loved wearing a bright lip.

In May I loved wearing a slightly darker but sparkly blush. This blush is by P2 cosmetics. It is from a limited edition called Meet me in venice and I am not quite sure if you can still get your hands on this blush but maybe you can find similar once. This blush is in the color 020 fortune. 
I got my hands on them because I heard from a few bloggers and youtubers that this blush is similar to a chanel blush. The color and the pigmentation are amazing and I love the berry tone it leaves on my skin. 
It is not as dark at it is in the packeting is natural on your skin.

(you may recognize this blush from my blusher Tag http://londonstagraam.blogspot.de/2015/05/the-blusher-tag.html)

If you have an iPhone like me you will know the struggle of your phone always running out of battery. I used to have a little portable charger before but it seemed like my iphone was always out of battery and so was my charger. So not a really change in life. 
I got this big baby a few weeks ago and I am in love. You can charge your iPhone and your iPad or a friends phone at the same time and this multiply times. It is bigger than I would normally go for but it really has its benefits.
Absolutely a lifesaver when I was in Munich and always out and about.

Not my favorite topic but it should be part of everyones beauty routine. Pedicure. 
I got this automatic roller to get rid of hard and dead skin on my feet. I used to peel my feet with a normal rasp but since I got the automatic one my pedicure routine doesn´t take as much time as it used to. Pedicure is important but I can´t bother spending too much time on it. 
I was a bit concerned that it might hurt or tickle too much since I am way too ticklish on my feet. But I have to say it feels quite good and most importantly gets rid of hard skin very quick.
Especially when you are starting wearing sandals and slip once, you just need smooth and good looking feet, no one wants to see the cracky and dry heel of your feet.
Huge favorite this month.


I got my fujifilm instax mini 8 out again!
I love polariod pictures. I have a little scratch book (picture 2) in where I put all my polaroid pictures in and write little notes to them. I write down when and where I put the picture and who was with me or which experience I made. 
I think its a cute idea. You can alway have a little look into the sketchbook and remember little memories or feel inspired again. 
At this time everyone has their pictures saved on the computer or on their photo which is completely fine and so do I save my pictures but every now and then its just really nice to have physically copy of a picture in your hand to have a look at. 

I hope you liked this months favorites as much as you liked my april favorites.
Let me know by commenting on the post or/and by tweeting me
( @ londonstagraam)

Love, Kim x

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