Friday, 12 June 2015

gold shimmery eye make up

A golden eye make up is the eye make up I go for most days. It´s classy and compliments my brown eyes a lot. It is also perfect for the warmer days and looks amazing when the sun reflects the gold pigments of the eye shadow.

I worked with these products. Let´s start. 
(want to see the look in action? scroll down)

To prep your eyes and make the eye shadow pop, always use a base. I like using the color tattoo 24hr cream eyeshadow by maybelline new york in the color 35 on and on bronze.  It looks beautiful on it´s own for days when you just can´t be bothered in spending a lot of time doing your make up.
I pop this all over my lids with my ring finger and blend the edges with a bleeding brush.

The main product for this gorgeous look is this eyeshadow by loral paris in the color 500 lumiere. 
It´s super pigmented and looks amazing on your eyelid. I pop this all over the lid and blend it in with a fluffy blending brush.
This is hands down the most sparkly eye shadow I´ve used ever. It is so so pretty!

The next step is to make your eye pop to it´s maximum. I apply this eye pencil by catrice cosmetics in the color 040 Karate with bronze lee on my water line and also around the tight line of my lashes (top and bottom lash line ) to open up my eyes and add a bit of extra bronze to the look.
you can smug it out with a small pencil brush to make the look a little more messy.

I always apply a highlight shade under my eyebrows to again open up my eyes a bit and make the look all in one very shimmery.
I love using the radiant touch creamy stick highlighter by kiko make up milano. 
I like using this highlight stuck to highlight my cheekbones as well.

To add even more shimmer to the look, I add a bright goldy shade in the inner corner of my eyes. I love using the second shade of the sleek storm palette 578. 
This open sup your eyes again and makes you seem more awake.

To complete the look I add mascara to my lashes. I always use waterproof mascara to hold the curl I added with a eyelash curler just before applying my mascara.
This one is by essence and it´s called lash princess. 
I always change up mascaras. I love trying out new once. So just use your favorite mascara to complete this eye make up look

Now to the result - you can now see the look in action.

I like this look a lot and as I said above I literally wear it most days. 
It´s perfect for daytime and with a little touch up (for example a winged eyeliner and a darker brown or bronze shade in the crease) you can make the look perfect for a night out.

I hope you liked this beauty blogpost.

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