Tuesday, 30 June 2015

June Favorites

It´s the end of June! I can´t believe it´s already july tomorrow. It´s crazy.
It is time for my june favorites! 
Let´s get started.
- beauty
-random favorites 

Let us start with my favorite beauty stuff.

Of course I´ll feature my holy grail foundation. I got this foundation at the beginning of this month and I am in love. I only use this foundation when I have a bad skin day. Unfortunately this month I had more of these days than I´d liked to, so this foundation got her show this month.
If you want a full review about this foundation read this blogpost.

I am all for the gold shimmery eye look this month and all around summer. I love how this eye shadow by loreal reflects the sun so absolutely beautifully. It has such an amazing pigmentation and I wore this eye make up look ( http://londonstagraam.blogspot.de/2015/06/golden-eye-make-up.html ) 
nearly every single day.

This month it was all about a pouty pink glossy lip for me. I love a good lipstick but a shimmery sexy looking gloss is always a good look to go for. I loved using the pout lip stain in the color forever yours by victoria´s secret. If someone can make a sexy lip stain that it is the definition of sexy it selfs victorias´ secret. Such a sexy pinky color!

It´s all about a bronzed look as soon as the sun comes out. I love a natural tan so to underline my tanned look I love using a bronzer to give my face a more defined and bronzed look. The solar powder by soap & glory is the perfect shade to do so. I love that it isn´t completely matt and gives you a glowy and healthy looking look.

That´s it with the beauty stuff x

I recently got a kindle. I am an absolute bookworm and read 2-3 books a week. This isn´t the most inexpensive hobby so I invested into a kindle. I never wanted one because I love the smell of a good book and to have a physically copy in my hand, but it is hands down really expensive if you read such an amount of book like I do.
It took me a while to get used to the electronic kind of book but it grew on me and is defiantly a favorite this month.

As you may remember I got such cute sunglasses a month ago from urban outfitters. I do wear glasses so I needed to get hands on a pair of sunglasses without having to always wear contact lenses underneath, especially because I´ll go on holiday nest month - wooohoo!

I wore my black birkenstocks to death this month. As you may remember from my birkenstocks review 
I got a black pair and a white pair. I thought I would wear the white ones more in this time of the year but this month the back ones wear glued to my feet. They are so comfortable and easy to style.
Huge favorite!

Of course I had to mention one of my favorite movies. Fifty shades of grey!
I was (still am) obsessed with the books and I watched the movie 3 times when it came out into cinemas.
I know its not everyone´s cup of tea but I love the story. Its a love story, don´t fight me on that.
I love a good love story.
The books are obviously better, I think it´s with every book which is made into a film but I like the movie. I have to admit I have a slight crush on Jamie Dornan who plays Christian Grey.
I think it´s a movie to watch every now and then and still find it´s magic.
I love it!

I hope you liked my june favorites. 
I´ll link you to my may favorites in case you missed it.

comment down below what you loved this month and what you liked most about mine.
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Love, Kim x

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