Friday, 3 July 2015

Purple Smokey Eye

I love a purple smokey eye for an evening look or to add a little bit of color to my day look.
I will show you all the products I use to create this look:

I hope you enjoy it x
(more pictures of the finished look at the bottom of this blogpost)

I always prime my eyelids to make the eyeshadow last all day/night. I always use a primer from the drugstore and I am still testing around to find a good one. This one is by catrice cosmetics and I do like it so far.

To make the eyeshadow I want to use really pop out on my eyelids, I apply a pinky creamy eyeshadow as a base. This one is by kiko make up milano and is in the shade 36. This cream eyesahow comes in form of a stick but you can use any creamy based eyeshadow you want to.
Make sure it´s easily blendable. I like using my fingers to apply creamy eyeshadows. The warmth of your finger help to really smooth the eyeshadow into your skin.

The next step is to apply the purply shade you want to all over the lid. I mixed this two together from my kiko make up milano palette.
you can read more about this palette here:

I use a darker purply shade in the crease of my eye to create a shadow and make your eyes look bigger and more hollowed. This one is also from the palette shown above.
It´s a more settled taube-y lilac color.

I use a very glittery eye shadow just in the center of my eyelid to make my eyes pop and give the look a more intense look. 

Tipp: wet your brush before applying your glittery eyeshadows. It helps the glitter to stick to your brush and to your eyelids. It is more intense and you can get the best result.

To make the eyes pop to the maximum, I use a bright pinky glittery shade just in the inner corner of my eyes to open up my eyes and to make the look a bit more dramatic.

To finish up the look, line your upper lash line with an eyeliner and wing it out at the end of your natural lash line. 
I have gone for a very thin line to just make the look a bit more fitted for a day make up but you can thickening the line as much as you want.
I personally would go for a thicker line for a look for a night out.

Add some mascara.  It does not matter what kind your are using. I always like using a waterproof one because I feel like it holds the curl way better than non- waterproof once.
I like using the false lashes mascara by maybelline.

The finished eye make up look:

I hope you like this look, let me know what you think of this look and if you would re-create it.
Also, let me know what kind of eye make up looks you would like to see. 
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Love, Kim x

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  1. Very pretty! Love the look xx Chantal