Thursday, 8 October 2015

My New Hometown: Berlin

'ello lovely people,
I finally got myself wifi -woohoo.
I have a new blogpost for you, in which I will tell you everything about my move to Berlin.
Let´s get started.

(please read the PS at the end of this post)

I moved to Berlin on my birthday weekend in september. 
I started my study just a few days ago at a very good university here in Berlin.
I live in the south west of Berlin very close to my university.
I share a flat with my guy- gay- best friend who moved all the way from Hamburg to Berlin with me.
We share a ca. 80 square meters flat and it´s amazing so far.
The flat is in a very old building which just got reconstructed. 
We have very high ceilings which I love.

I have been to Berlin a couple of times before, 
the city has a very specific vibe to it,
which I wanted you to give a tiny insight with some pictures I toke.

Berlin, has some stunning buildings and all in all it´s a city to just stroll around.
Berlin is quite different Hamburg and different to London, 
I have to get used to a whole new lifestyle , 
I am very excited!

Berlin has a lot of little markets and shops you never heard of, just as cute little cafes or clothing shops with unique names.

I can´t wait to spend the next months/years here and explore this amazing city, to know the insider tips and to make this city a home.

I hope you liked this weeks blogpost.
next week there will be a new beauty blogpost up, 
I promise we will be back to the blogs old self.

Love, Kim x

PS: The update date is changing! 

New blogposts:  on Thursdays!

And thank you for being so amazing, even when I was gone- we hit the 8K mark! 
I love you !


  1. I'm glad everything went well! It's good to have you back! What do you study? I hope you have amazing time in Berlin ;) xx

    1. I am so happy to be back, missed it so much!
      I am studying Business Administration :)
      Thank you lovely, means a lot x