Tuesday, 8 September 2015

My feelunique.com Order

Hello my lovely readers,
I hope you are doing well.
Before I´ll show you everything I got at feelunique.com I wanted to tell you that there will be a personal message at the end of this post. Please have a read through it.

Let´s start with this weeks blogpost!

I always liked feelunique.com since I had to leave London couple of months ago. 
Truth is I miss the huge beauty range!
So feelunique.com is perfect to get my hands on everything I miss at my local drugstore.
I got myself a few bibs and bobs I just couldn´t live without or couldn´t resist any longer.

I got three of my favorite dry shampoo by COLAB 
I coulnd´t find any dry shampoo as good as this one.
It doesn't leave a grey or white layer on your hair. 
It disappears completely as soon as you massage it in the rots of your hair.
If you follow my blog for a bit you know that I tend to wash my hair every 3 to 4 days. 
The last day or two it can be quite difficult to do anything with your hair and it may be a bit greasy so I love using a dry shampoo.
I love this one and I can recommend this one to anyone!

If you know me quite a bit you may know how much I love Tanya Burr and her comsemetic line.
I am a huge fan of her old lip glosses and nail polishes.
It was so hard to decide which color I wanted to got for.
lunch date
day dream 
and I found nemo
are sitting in my shopping bag on feelquique.com and waiting for the order button to be kicked on.
I have the lipgloss in just peachy with me right now and the color looks just gorgeous.
It smells amazing and feels really good on your lips.
Love it!!

Last but not least. This beauty!

I wanted the mary-lou manager by the balm cosmetics for ages!
literally, it´s been years.
I always struggled with deciding between this one and the highlighter soft and gentle by MAC.
The Mac one is always out of stock - everywhere (even in Santorini)
Considering its my birthday this month I decided to make ducks and drakes with my money and spend it one this beauty.
I can´t wait to try it!!

I hope you liked this weeks blogpost x

I am moving this weekend and I have no idea how everything will work out or when I´ll be able to get my hands on some wifi.
I can´t promise you that there will be a blogpost next tuesday.
I will try my best of course and I will let you know as soon as I have any news.
Please follow me on twitter if you´d like to get information asap.
Link below or type in londonstagraam in your search machine on twitter.
Thank you for understanding.

Love, Kim xx


  1. The Balm has recently come to Croatia, but it's sold out everywhere, haha :D and it's quite expensive.. But I love your order :)
    Good luck with moving, love! Where are you moving? xx

  2. Hi love. True, it is quite expensive but there is always a way to get your hands on some online discount codes if you decide on ordering it online :)
    I am moving to Berlin :) xx

  3. I stopped using Batiste because of the grey layer, I'll have to try this dry shampoo! The mary-lou manizer looks great! Loved this post :) xx


    1. You really should lovely- it´s ten times better!
      Thank you, glad you like it xx