Tuesday, 5 May 2015

April Favorites

It´s may! This month has gone so quickly, unbelievable!
It´s time for my April Favorites!
Let´s have some fun, shall we? :)

In this weeks blogpost I´ll show you my april favorites. There will be beauty favorites, random favorites and my favorites when it comes to skin care.
Let´s go.

This fragrance has been a favorite of mine since years. This fragrance is called Daisy and is by Marc Jacobs. It´s very flowery and perfect for spring. And since the weather is finally getting better and the sun comes out more, it´s the perfect fragance for this time of the year.

I always use waterproof mascara and as much as I love wearing it, it is a pain in the ass to take off. This eye make up remover by maybelline new york jade saved my life. It only takes tiny amount to get off all your eye make up and saves so much time. I love it- huge favorite.

I got this glasses at the end of march at urban outfitters and I wear them continuously since then. They have the perfect shape for my face. They have a leo pint which I first didn't like but the brown color makes your face look slightly more tanned which I love.

This all about eyes eye cream by clinique you may recognize from my skin care routine back in february 
Since I am wearing contract lenses quite regularly my the skin around my eyes is really dry, also the cold weather around the winter tie did´t help with the dryness and I feel like my skin is still stressed out a bit. This eye cream is a lifesaver. 

It´s officially spring- It´s time to get out the brighter colors. I wear a lot go black clothes so I like to go a bit crazy when it comes to make up. Especially a bright bold lip is something I love in spring and summer time. I love the clinique chubby stick in the color 15 pudgy peony to slowly start the process in getting into the brighter lip trent. it adds a good amount of color to your lips and still adds moisture to it, to have the feeling of a nurturing finish.

two weeks ago I uploaded a blogpost about my favorite spring nail polishes 
I didn´t want to show you the same colors, so I wanted to show you the essie nail polish in the color cocktail bling. It´s a beautiful grey color and I love it. It´s not as bright and colorful as the once I showed you in the blogpost a few weeks ago, but I love a classy grey toned nail style.

This weird looking thing is actually a miracle for your skin. It is a silicon peeling pad. You can get similar pads at your local drugstore. You add your cleanser lotion/soap or mouse to it and swipe it all over your face with this pad. Loots of little knobs are sticked onto the pad and massage the skin care product into your skin. It helps to remove make up and cleanse your face. 

This sport accessory was a must have in april for me. When I am doing my work out with my personal trainer we are training outside when the weather is good. This accessory you can put around your wrist. It has a little sipper at the front for your keys. It´s perfect, because not all of my work out pants have a sipper in the back for my key and stuff, so when I found this at h&m I had to get it. It has the perfect size for my keys and you don't have to cary a little back with you.

I hope you liked my first Favorites blogpost. Let me know if I should do favorites blogposts more often.
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Love, Kim xx


  1. I LOVED these favourites! You are getting better and better at blogging! Love you! ♡

    1. Thank you my love. That means a lot to me. Love you too xx