Tuesday, 12 May 2015

My haircare routine

All things hair! 
I have gone from really really short hair to medium length hair ( just above my breast area) in a really quick time and I wanted to share my hair care routine for growing your hair long and keeping it healthy.

Keeping your hair glossy, shiny and healthy is a bit off work guys. I´ll show you my hair care routine.

Tipp: I used to wash my hair everyday to every second day - this is not good for your hair. I changed my washing routine and only try to wash my hair every 3 days. At first your hair will get greasy and disgusting but your hair will get used to it and believe me it is way better for your hair and your scalp. 

I am a bit fan of Aussie products when it comes to har care. I always liked the miracle moist series the most, but the mega series is good as well. I like using this series because I have very dry hair and it gets frizzy very easily. This series helps to moisturize and nourish my hair. 

I use the assie 3 minutes miracle reconstructor once a week and try to keep it into my hair a bit longer than 3 minutes. 

Tipp: After using the reconstructor use the conditioner afterwards to seal the elements of the reconstructor. 

I use the garnier ultimate blends oil in the ends of my hair after every hair wash and sometimes into my dry hair before going to bed. It smells amazing of coconut and helps to nourish and repair the ends of your hair. 

Try to avoid normal hair brushes and invest into a tangle teezer. I know they are more expensive than a normal hair brush but I promise you you will not regret buying one of this brushes. They do make a huge difference. Not only do they not hurt when you brush through your hair and try to get the knots out of the hair, they also provide hair loss. 

I hope you liked this weeks blogpost :) Let me know what you think.

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Love, Kim xx


  1. I love Aussie products, they smell so good! I wash my hair every other day but I might train it in the holidays to every 3 days! Lovely post :)


    1. I love them too! Such good products. I can highly recommend trying to wash your hair only every other day - makes such a huge difference xx