Thursday, 10 December 2015

November Favourites

It´s the most beautiful month of the year!
But before I will ramble about how much I love christmas let´s see what I loved during the month of November.

I got my hands on some amazing MAC Cosmetics pigments.

The first two pigments are goldy orangy shades, perfect for autumn eye make up looks.
The first one above is more pinky while the one beneath is more an orangy gold.

This two are my favourite pigments I got.
The first one is so unbelievable beautiful!
It´s a rose gold pigment which adds the most beautiful shimmer to your eyelids.
The one beneath is a browny shade which is perfect for autumn time. 

I treated myself to a new MAC Cosmetics lipstick in the colour Lush Amber. 
Its a beige-y nude- what a surprise. 
But this one has not a matte finish it is very moisturising and looks very natural on your lips. 

My new favourite primer is hand down this Pore Filler by NYX.
As the names tells you, it makes your pores invisible.
It smoothes out your skin to its highest level.
What I love about this primer is that has a slightly skin colour to it and makes redness disappear, perfect before applying your foundation.

I am a huge sports bra lover and I wanted to share with you this one by Calvin Klein.
This sports bra fits like a dream and makes you seem very secure in that area.
Love the soft material and the shape of it. 
It makes your cleavage look amazing even though its just a sports bra.

I hope you liked this weeks blogpost.

Love, Kim x


  1. Love your favorites, dear ;) especially the MAC stuff and I would love to try the Nyx primer :) xx