Monday, 23 February 2015

drugstore powder recommendations

A good powder is a must- have in every make up bag. Not only to finish up your look but to settle everything into place.
I am not a fan of spending too much money on powder so I tried out quite a few from the drugstore and these once are my favorites.

This one is by catrice cosmetics and is as it says on the packaging a mattifying powder. It´s in the color 010 translucent. The reason why I do love the product is, because it really is a transucent powder. It leaves your skin in a matt finish and doesn´t add color to your face. The color of your foundation underneath stays the same.
(why it says waterproof on the packaging is a mystery for me- no powder is really waterproof)


This powder is by Rimmel London. I have two different kinds of these powders. This one in the color 001 transparent and the one beneath (3.). Both are from their range stay matte. This one is similar to the one by catrice cosmetics it doesn´t add color to your face, it just leaves your skin all matt.
This is the powder I reach for on a daily basis.


This one is in the color 003 peach glow. I like to use this one if I want to add a bit more color to my face. For example when I have a break out or when I just feel like I need a bit more coverage. I also use it when I just feel like I don´t just want a matt finish but a bit of glow. It leaves a matt finish but you still see a bit of glow from your foundation underneath, which I personally love.

All this powders have drugstore prices and you can find them in your local drugstore or online (for example amazon.)

I hope this is helpful for you and you enjoyed reading this post.

Love, Kim x

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  1. Better alternative than the Mac I usually get